Tribute to David Bowie to be released ... [ Updt. 08. Mar 06 ]
The Chicago based label FTC Records is about to release a tribute to David Bowie called "2. Contamination". Our contribution is a very personal cover of Outside's "I'm Deranged"
The Dresden Dolls and Arcade Fire have contributed to this tribute too !
You can listen to our cover on our Myspace page..

We will tour in May before starting to work on new songs...
We will put live mp3 on the download section after this tour...

News from Sibyl Vane...
[ Updt. 01. Dec 05 ]
We played several gigi to promote our album Paradoxes, and it was great... we're planning other dates for February first, then april and may...
We got many reviews, mostly enthusiast and interresting (Like Magic and Elegy, two major music magazines in France..). We will try to translate them and put them online soon...
We just launched our Myspace, where you can listen to songs taken from the album and the yet unreleased cover of David Bowie's I'm Deranged... (more info on this cover soon !).
A video taken from our live video screening is viewable too on our myspace... (

Paradoxes, our first album is released !
[ Updt. 15 sept 05 ]
Our first full-length album is now available in France.
We've signed with the independent label Jerkov, and the distributor Mosaic Music.. ( France, Switzerland, Belgium...)

The cover of the album is a beautiful and moving drawing (stencil and make-up) by the reknow french artist Jean-Luc Verna...

The packaging is a nice tin-case...

You can download a full song (mp3 format) taken from the lp...
Check the Links section for further informations about Andy Julia.

Lucky 2005 for Sibyl Vane !
[ Updt. 05 jan 05]
We will open the evening for the canadian band Destroyer (22.02.05 / Fairfield Café. Toulouse)
on the kind demand of the Foutraque team. We take it as an opportunity to relax as we're right in the middle of our last effort before the mixing of our first lp. We will play a good part of the lp for the first time there.

Another great thing to announce is that the reknown french artist Jean-Luc Verna has accepted to allow us to use one of his beautiful drawings for the cover of the lp !
Check the Links section for further informations about Jean-Luc Verna and the Air de Paris Gallery..

Forthcoming album news
[ Updt. 15 dec 04]
The recording of our first full-length album is now almost completed. We're now reaching the post-production and late takes phase. Gilles Lahonda will mix the album in february.
To give some further details, the yet-untitled lp will include 11 tracks and is probably due to be released in spring 2005 through a french label we cannot name yet...
For this release, the young and talented photograph Andy Julia (take a look at the cover of Elegy Mag) will realize a photo session simply named Sibyl Vane.
Check the Links section for further informations about Andy Julia.

New "new-line up" !
[ Updt. 12 sept 04]
Some news from Sibyl... Gregory Foix, former bass-player in the french band Paria has joined us as a permanent member of the band.. we only have a few days left to work on the new songs with him before the gig in Millau..

The forthcoming Sibyl Vane's new release is going to be our first lp !
The recording of some new songs is schedulded for late november and the cd is due to be released for the very late of the year or the early beginning of 2005.

All Apologies
[ Updt. 21 jul 04]
It's a long time since i last updated the english version of but here it is... finally...

So in the last few months, we've been working hard on recording and trying to mix by ourselves the forthcoming demo e.p temporarly entitled "Strangest Ways". We're quite satisfied of 3 and a half songs ! So we have to work on it again. I guess it will be ready by the beginning of september...

We've actually been playing in Tarbes and in Gavarnie's Festival... For the last gigs, we've burnt cd-r with exclusive pre-released versions of Verna, Until It Hurts and Strangest Ways...

News... news
[ Updt. 10 mar 04]
Wow, another review for our cheap first ep. This time, it's on the webzine I can't wait to record the new songs !
Check the Press section for the reviews.

We will probably be playing in Tarbes (april 10th) for the release of Paria's new record "La Plongee", with Paria and DMT (from Serbia i think)... It will sound more like a kind of journey through the universe of Sibyl Vane, from rock to pure electronic music, than like a regular concert.
Check the "Live" section for more infos.

The recording of our new ep starts next week. (I can't believe it!). I hope it will be ready for the end of april. We want to do it fast and try not to think too much! : new review
[ Updt. 08 mar 04]
I've just discovered that our e.p has been reviewed on the very open-minded webzine According to the reviewer, "with the precision of a surgeon, the band plays delicate and wicked notes, and can be compared in this way to the "Seventeen Seconds" period of The Cure."
Check the Press section for the reviews.

Nouvelle collection
[ Updt. 22 fev 04]
Sibyl is about to record the long awaited sequel to its "Pret a porter" e.p. The beginning of the recording is scheduled for march. This second self-produced ( and low-fi!) e.p is meant to be very different from the first one, and will look more like a collection of "pop songs". Here is the tracklisting : 3rd Song, Verna, Until It Hurts, Strangest Ways, No Reason, and L'Autophage...
The music will come along with a cd-rom section including some video tracks by Luc Cabassot...

Sibyl Vane's new line-up...
[ Updt. 20 jan 04]
We're at a turning point in the life of Sibyl, with Jean-Marc Peyret (bass) and Olivier Noël (guitar) joining the band...
We've started to rehearse and they will be recording with us on the forthcoming Sibyl Vane's new e.p...

Webzinenameless : a new review !
[ Updt. 30 Dec 03]
The brilliant webzine just published a review of our e.p online.
This review is quite interresting because its author criticizes our work in some precise points, and as we're always in need for external point of views to improve our music, it's more than welcome !!!
Will you agree "Eruct" (the reviewer) when it says that the band "sounds like a very hype goth band" ?!!
Thanks to Eruct and Webzinenameless for the review anyway...
Check the Press section for the reviews.

Elegy : Pret a porter reviewed ! [ Updt. 06 Dec 03]
Last year, Sibyl Vane was "best band of the month" for months on the website of this french magazine, thanks to our song The Dress Code. Now, the whole e.p is reviewed by Francois Marlier in the last issue of the famous french goth magazine Elegy.
The review is quite interesting, even if there are too many comparisons with the music of bands that we don't know at all !
In spite of this, the end of the review gives us the will to carry on, so thanks to Elegy for their support...
Check the Press section for the reviews.

Farewell Song
[ Updt. 01 Dec 03]
Eddy Crampes, voice-guitar-kbds of the band, took the decision to leave Sibyl Vane last week to start his own solo project... The end of our first tour would have been the swan song of what Sibyl could have been. Pierre Dutrey, bass, chose to leave the band too, probably to remain faithful to his convictions of what a band should be...
Stéphane and I (drums-voice-guitar-kbds) decided to try to go on without our two friends. We're currently looking for new musicians to help us making Sibyl Vane what we all dreamt of two years ago when we fomed the band.
Thanks a lot to Eddy and Pierre for these two years of passion, doubts and artistic collaboration... i know we'll have some common projects one of these days, so see you soon...

I Know It's Over : End of the tour
[ Updt. 09 Nov 03]
Done ! We just finished our very first mini-tour in the south of France this week-end in Toulouse/Obliq. A very strange gig in a place more acustomed to so-called "laptop music"... But it was ok. The day before we were in Marseille/La machine à coudre with the band Mygük. We'll soon upload pictures and give more details on the tracklisting of the gigs, etc...
Now Sibyl is resting for a while, before working and recording new songs that we experienced live during the tour...

Premonition : Pret a porter reviewed !
[ Updt. 28 Oct 03]
This webzine (formerly a cult magazine that i used to read years ago !) published a review of our Pret a porter e.p written in a very enthusiastic tone.Thanks a lot to Catherine Fagnot...
Check the Press section for the reviews.

Paint it black...
[ Updt. 28 Oct 03]
The first gig of the tour was in Bordeaux, Le Koslow... a very dark place, with rusted and scary demons hanging all over the place !
A bit strange to play in a place like this, but it really enhanced the dark side of our music... It was our support band Angle first gig too...
A fragile and very sharp sound, good melodies and a very touching voice... two basses and a drummer on stage plus machines and a singer-guitarist... It was nice to play with such a band...
If you want to see them live and discover their music, we will play together again in Bayonne, La Luna Negra next week-end...

By the way... we're opening for L'Enfance Rouge and Ulan Bator in Pau, Wednesday 29 Oct... See you there ?
Check the Live section for the tour dates.

Hail to the thieves :-( / Millau gig cancelled
[ Updt. 02 Oct 03]
Our rehearsal room has been deeply explored last night by a group of young adventurers not afraid of working hard, even druring night time... They actually emptied the whole room, stole amps, mixing desks, keyboards and p.a... So we must cancel the first date of our tour... We are very disapointed, and thanks La Locomotive (Millau. Fr) for their support... We hope we'll find another occasion to play there. Probably in early 2004...
Check the Live section for the tour dates.

2 new Pret a porter reviews !
[ Updt. 30 Sept 03]
The e.p has been reviewed by the excellent
and the french magazine LMA... Elegance and decadence seem the keys to our music !
Check the Press section for the reviews.

To Jean-Luc Verna...
We just wrote a (very nervous !) song dedicated to and inspired by the french artist (from La Riviera !) Jean-Luc Verna.
I must confess i feel particularly touched by his work...
We will play the song Verna for the very first time in Millau (Fr), which is the first gig of our first mini-tour acroos south of France...
"Like Verna, Build a ladder to the stars..."
Check the Live section for the dates and the Links section for more information on Jean-Luc Verna...

Parlons anglais !
Don't be afraid french girls and boys ! But we decided to maintain the site in english only... it's not a question of shame (or whatever) of our mother language, since Sibyl Vane's forthcoming songs will probably include more french lyrics, it's a practical question...
We're beginning to get some connections from other countries and we found it would be a good point to be understood by more people... We hope we'll have more time in the future to launch and update a french version of but for the moment...
Parlons anglais !

New Pret a porter review
The e.p has been extensively reviewed by
Check the Press section for the whole review.

Sibyl Vane on Babes in Boyland Radio playlist
I just discovered that we've been on the Friday 20th radio show playlist entitled "Boys in Babeland"
among many other bands we appreciate... so thank you girrrrlzzz...
Here's the whole playlist...

Sigur Ros : #3 / ( )
Arca : "Baixa" / Cinematique
Melatonine : "Sans Effets Secondaires" / Les Environements Principaux
Sibyl Vane : "Disligado" / Prêt à Porter
Osaka : "Egberto" / The Dynamics
Panty Will : #7 / Hell
Telefax : 0111101011010000" / Des Courbes et Des Choses Invisibles
Shub : Fushia Souls / demo
Sylvain Chauveau : "Hurlements en Faveur de Serge T" / Le Livre Noir du Capitalisme
Interpol : "Stella Was a Diver" / Turn Off The Bright Lights

New live dates announced!
Check the Live section for more details

Sibyl Vane's first tour.
We will be on the road for the very first time in October and November...
We'll play alongside Ulan Bator, L'Enfance Rouge, Angle, Myguk, Lunt...
Check the Live section for the dates and the Links section for more information on the bands...

Locked in the ancient Slaughter House !!!
AMPLI (an association from Pau) just gave us the opportunity to rehearse our new material (so new that some songs were even hardly composed at the time !) in their concert room, located at the former Slaughter House of the city...
We've recorded a live session at the end of our enjailment, that will soon be available for download in this site, so check the Download section from time to time...

'Pret a Porter'
The very first self-released mini album of Sibyl Vane will be released in France on September the 16th 2002 through
"A Tant Rever du Roi".
The 31mn e.p will be released on CD.
Here is the tracklisting:

1) Autophage
2) Disligado
3) The Dress Code
4) Interlude
5) Your Weight

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